Little Devil – Daily Fresh Pick

Little Devil – Warren, New Jersey

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Little Devil is a band from Central New Jersey whose only ambition is to play every night. The four members consisting of two brothers and two childhood friends separated at summer camp, are some of the most special normal people you’ll ever meet. These guys, Frank, Ant, Brandon, and Mike, get together and write songs about heartbreak and friendship, drinking too much and having too much fun. They’ve been a band for over a 2 years now, forming in September 2010, and have already shared the stage with acts of all shapes and sizes including Dub-Step artist Rusko, super-group The Damned Things, and Bret Michaels. Their Live show consists of energy, awkward jokes from the grizzly looking lead singer, guitar solos, and a bassist who fans can’t decide whether he’s playing his guitar, or making love to it. They have one goal in mind, to write songs everyone can relate to, write lyrics that evoke feelings, have fun, and make it their lives.