Little Hurricane

Little Hurricane – San Diego, CA

I feel like I am pretty cool for the most part.  I say cool things, I do cool things…I respect other people, that’s the coolest thing that I do. However, when I listen to cool bands I am reminded of how uncool I really am.  Take San Diego duo Little Hurricanes for instance.  These guys are categorized as “dirty rock” or “dirty blues’ and “dirty” is the new cool. Have you ever had “dirty rice” or a “dirty martini”…..way cool. Musically these kids are simple music with well written songs.  Great builds and progression that creates a complete visual, it sounds like a gunfight in the Wild West.  It’s a showdown at sunset between the cool kids and us.  They ultimately win because they write the script and dictate the course of modern culture. So now I am going back to finding more cool bands so I can realize how un-cool I am … sigh.

– Wurds Smith

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