Long Story Short

Long Story Short – Los Angeles, CA / Montreal Quebec, Canada

The perfect song is in the mind of the listener and falling in love with a song can be as much about the moment it’s first heard, where you are and what you are doing at the time. That first kiss, the start / end of a relationship, a passing of life, a celebration….the brain locks in and somehow all the emotions swirling in our bodies become forced out thru our pores. It is times like this that the perfect song becomes one with us and each time we hear it we are catapulted back in time to that very first moment we fell in love with it.

Long Story Short has captured the essence of true life experiences and mapped them out in a lyrical soundscape for all to fall in love with.

Epic, stunning and real.

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Caved In

Link: http://www.longstoryshortrock.com/

Listen to “Caved In”  Below!