Love Automatic

Love Automatic – Middlesex, New Jersey

Love Automatic which also means “immediate love” sums up our initial reaction to their music. This is comfort food for the ears, like chords wrapped in bacon covered in some kind of hollandaise sauce.  These bad asses from New Jersey merge electronica, rock, dance and pop. If sex were a genre this would be a subsect of that… The good thing about this music is it makes you move, so you can burn off the calories that you accumulated digesting the tastiness that is the music of Love Automatic.

Suggested activities to do while listening to their music:  Workout, dance, start a flash mob, ninja fight, run a marathon and cook & consume anything wrapped in bacon and drenched in hollandaise sauce.

Make sure you follow these guys as they have a new EP dropping on 4/20/11.

Fresh Track: Nightmare