Luke Christopher – Daily Fresh Pick

Luke Christopher – Los Angeles, CA

The more I listen to music these days…the more and more I am finding myself inspired by the greatness that surrounds us all. With all of the studio tricks and overproduction used on a daily basis to mask those songs that are filled with shitty lyrics and no story…then the truest of true artists present themselves to the world and we are blown away by their magnificence…we are immediately drawn into their lyrics and are hearts are touched…we change in the moment and our day turns into the best one ever.

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Luke Christopher is a complete breath of fresh air for an overcrowded Hip-Hop/MC scene….great beats, flow, cadence and most importantly a solid story in his songs…no matter what genre of music you love…you will connect with Luke Christopher..I guarantee it.

Damn amazing!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Roof Tops

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