Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal – Kansas City, MO

There are many ways to discover new music in this current landscape. I won’t list the obvious but word of mouth is pretty much the coolest way to hear about an artist. That’s old school and way cooler than being spammed. I found out about Machine Gun Kelly in that fashion, somebody said “You need to check out this kid”. Why does this only seem to happen with rappers for me? I very rarely hear somebody say “Yo, I discovered this kid singing on the Venice boardwalk that you need to check out”. I was turned onto Mac Lethal by a friend who just advanced a link…said nothing else. When I checked Mac Lethal’s, now viral, video it had 1,200 views. I watched it 24 hours later and it had 1.5 million views. It seems people were talking eh? OK Go mastered the art of the viral video but these Hip Hop kids are creative with nobody else’ help and don’t have to hire a firm to up their views.

Amidst his rapid fire delivery over accused girl smacker Chris Brown’s hit “Look at me now”, (which by the way boasts one of the best verses ever from Busta), I am enraptured by the content of what he says. I hear hints of political activism, toughness and very real topics…no b.s and fluff from Mac Lethal. This kids the real deal. Will he ever have a hit record? That remains to be seen. However, I would love to see this kid in a cipher or just freestyling on Venice Boardwalk.

– Wurds Smith

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