Macklemore – Seattle, Washington

I was just having a conversation with my boy C Minus today about how each of us has a defining musical moment that changes us forever.  Mine has to be the first time I heard Public Enemy or Rage Against the Machine.  You see these artists didn’t just make music they made anthems that forever distorted my world view….and for that I am thankful.  I segue into Seattle based emcee Macklemore because I feel that somehow, somewhere there are kids listening to him that will feel the same way.  His music is a mood, based heavily on key, apparent, moments in his life that we all can relate to.  “Wings” is his ode to Air Jordan’s, yes the sneakers.  It is the urban twist on Pumped up Kicks, by Foster the People, in my opinion.  Literally telling you to not be defined or trapped by your aesthetic,” These Nike’s helped to define me, but I’m trying to take mine…”.  In the video the kid who plays the young version of Macklemore gets jacked for his Jordan’s.  I remember kids in my neighborhood getting gaffled for their shoes and jacket so often that this video took me back.  This is the beauty of music; it is all things to all people.  Whenever you want, it can magically transport you again to a defining moment in your life and allow you to once again be thankful.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Wings

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