Meg Myers

Meg Meyers – Los Angeles, CA

I have this debate with a ton of people. What do you think is the best era in music? I say it’s the 90’s maybe it’s because that’s the music of my youth. One 90’s artist that I know is still around but wish we heard more from is Ms. Fiona Apple. For you youngins you need to do your research. She was bad ass, tough and so talented. Meg Myers is the 2012 version of Fiona Apple. Her songs have an edge that come from either a place of hurt or anger, wherever it comes from it speaks like a thousand of female voices that have been spurned or dogged. She is a strong artistic woman and if she didn’t sound so beautifully jaded I would say there could be a future for us. For now I will love from a distance and live vicariously through the men referenced in her art.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Monster

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