Melvoy – San Francisco, California

Talk to any A&R well, any that are left, and they will tell you that the toughest sell in music right now is anything in the “Rock” category.  The problem is that the consumer has digested so much crap in the rock arena that it doesn’t resonate anymore.  The art of the song has disappeared in Rock Music; it’s a sad, sad era.  What rock needs to do is focus on the art, focus on the song and complement it with a voice that moves us.  Whenever I say stuff of this nature I reference an artist, in this instance I reference the band Mars Volta.  Definitely not a commercial band by any stretch of the imagination but really solid in their craft and the fans flocked.  It’s ironic that I referenced them because this next band I am currently listening to was produced by Ikey Owens from The Mars Volta, called Melvoy.  Melvoy come to us from my 2nd favorite city in the US, San Francisco. These four guys (3 Guys + 1 Girl) personify San Fran, with good time vibes, carefree spirit and a creative blend of culture that they deliver via their music.  It’s like vintage Stones mixed with Jet and rocks like an all girls slumber party.  It is the “art” delivered with the “substance” that this genre needs to reinvigorate a fan base and make kids Rock consumers again.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: I Love You

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Check out their video for I Love You below!