Mike Mains and The Branches

Mike Mains and The Branches – Texas / Michigan

Have you noticed lately that Indie Music has become the new “Pop”? Yes it is true folks…bands that are burgeoning up now…Grouplove, Walk the Moon, Florence and the Machine, Awolnation to name a few were all “indie” bands with that “indie” sound prior to getting snatched up by the label system and they have all successfully maintained (so far) what made them “cool” and “amazing”. This brings me to Mike Mains and The Branches…this group in my opinion was “indie cool” before “indie” was cool today and they have solid and amazing songs to back themselves up with.

I predict big things for these guys in 2012…I can just feel it.

Addicting, hooky and wow!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Stereo / Rush You

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