Mikky Ekko

Mikky Ekko – Nashville, TN

This weekend I watched the concert that Queen did at Wembley Stadium in 1986.  I was watching this concert and thinking to myself, man this guy is the greatest front man to ever be on stage.  His energy, command of the audience, breath control, pitch perfection and knowledge of self were unparalleled.  I stumbled across Mikky Ekko today and for some reason visions of Freddie Mercury popped into my head.  He has the range and clarity of Jeff Buckley with the presence of Freddie with a twist of poetry like Jim Morrison.  I am not some classic rock aficionado but I respect what those dudes did back in the day.  They took the stage and tore it down…for them it was ALL about the show, the song and then the party.  Mikky channels these rock legends and almost infuses a Thom Yorke like quality to his manic vocals.  I could tell you that he reminded me of Canadian quartet Pilot Speed or Muse or who the hell ever, but that would lead the reader to believe that Mikky Ekko is simplistically derivative, and he is not.  This is not a one listen artist.  Just like Freddie Mercury’s music, the more I listened to Mikky’s music the more I discovered different nuances and the more I liked it.  Combine a frenetic live presentation with these songs and Mr. Ekko might just receive a mustached smile from the heavens.  At the very least he gets a wink and thumbs up from this guy.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Who Are You, Really?

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