Moses Haughton

Moses Haughton – Hollywood, CA

I remember when my UMG reps dragged me to see Asher Roth at the Key Club a couple of years back. I was like eh, with Asher Roth but he did have a sick live show.  The artist that opened for him was a virtual unknown named B.O.B.  I remember I texted my friends, gf’s and anyone I could that “this kid B.O.B is the truth…google him”.  Little did I know the impact dude would have some short time later on the music community.  He brought back true artistry to the game.  He made it about the song again, gone were 16 bars with a loop.  Now you had structure to your rap songs, hooks, for the love of God hooks!!!  Kanye has been doing it forever, now you have Lupe doing it etc.  Enter Moses Haughton into the fray.  This dude calls his music “The Good Life” and it is that.  He is a multitalented singer, songwriter, rapper alas ARTIST!  His melodic nature makes the songs so easy on the ears.  I have the same feeling hearing Moses as I did with B.O.B. that same recognition that I am hearing an artist in every sense of the word.  If you love anything that Alex Da Kid, (Airplanes etc.),  produces you will dig on Moses.  Kids nowadays cannot tell me ANYTHING about Hip Hop.  I grew up on Hip Hop when it was like Punk Rock for the inner city.  It was equal parts block party, social conscious with a middle finger to the establishment.  Moses brings me back with a multidimensional approach to his songwriting.  Talking about issues as well as making stuff to shake your booty to.  I am not an A&R by any stretch of the imagination but I like what I like and I would sign this dude with a quickness.  P.s. label heads get at me….I just made your job easier, sign this guy please.

-  Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: All of them!

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Make sure that you listen his latest EP “The Audition” below!