New Cassettes

New Cassettes – Northampton, UK

I have a box of old cassettes sitting in my closet.  I have some cassette singles and stuff in there.  I think I have a couple of Polaroid’s and a beta tape mixed in there for good measure.  If somebody under the age of 18 opened my closet and discovered that box it would be the modern day equivalent to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s Treasure for some unsuspecting young nitwit.  Being the Sultan of Segue that I am this leads me to my discovery of New  Cassettes, my latest musical unearthing.  They are a five piece edgy Pop/Rock ensemble that has everything in order; great agents and publicists yet no deal.  They are by no means an up and coming band, they are established but we feature all good unsigned music not just the obscure.  Musically they remind me of Bloc Party with a more mainstream vocal.  I am now accepting bids on that box in my closet.  I will open the bid at $100 and will even sweeten the pot with a copy of the New Cassettes….that alone is worth it, consider it your new music discovery box, it contains gems from the 80’s and now one gem from 2011, New Cassettes.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: See below!

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Make sure that you download the “Silent Guns” below for free!!!!!!!