October Rage

October Rage – Central Coast, Australia

I had an opportunity to spend over 2 weeks working with a band in Australia earlier this year and I gotta tell you…what an amazing country it is! Super nice people …gorgeous women everywhere…awesome food service (just kidding) it sucked actually…but you can’t have everything in life right? If you ever get a chance to go to Australia…jump on it immediately….you won’t regret it at all.

Today’s Daily Fresh Pick, October Rage hails from you guessed it….Australia and boy have nailed “Active Rock” to the wall and they have completely perfected with the gutsy and ballsy Aussie muscle. There is nothing flaccid about this band and if you happen to run into them during a bar fight….run for the hills….these guys mean business. To put it mildly…this bunch of Aussies do American Active Rock better than we do.

October Rage is Australia’s Answer to Active Rock!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Silver Line

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