of Verona

of Verona – Los Angeles, CA

The thing I love the most about Los Angeles is the great cross section of people you get to meet.  Oh yes, there are those weirdo’s that were born and raised here but most of us are transplants, for one reason or another.  Music is like bondo for the creative types, we tend to come together over a love of something rhythmic, something good or just juvenile, (Teach Me How to Dougie).  of Verona are from different parts of North America but come together with the bondo that is their musical tastes.  Oh and did I mention they have a kick ass female vocalist?  (I know right, it is after all my forte).  I like the way their songs are layered.  Metaphorically they are not row homes, they are spacious fields with homes peppered every acre or so.  This is supremely evident in their song “The Enemy”, precisely placed vocals highlighted by a simple drum line with brilliant programming that highlights the words and doesn’t compress the song….it’s airy and breathes beautifully.  For those looking for a musical reference I get the vulnerability of Carly Simon or Sarah McLachlan with the symphonic build of Garbage, Shirley Manson was/is brilliant and that’s what this band offers; brilliance and vulnerability enough to make this East Coast native introspective and long for an open field and an iPod and filled with some of Verona.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: The Enemy

Link: http://www.facebook.com/ofVerona