One-Eyed Doll

One-Eyed Doll – Austin, Texas

One-Eyed Doll is an amazing Goth Punk band who has captured the rawness and angst of Punk Rock and the lyrical epicness of Goth Music and have combined both to create the perfect bouquet of long stemmed razor blades.

Singer/Guitarist, Kimberly Freeman has developed this on-stage persona of a damaged doll that a little girl used to play with and then was tossed into a corner and forgotten about….then many years later that doll rises up and becomes a powerful source of energy and a role model to all those who have felt left behind and seeking a hand of strength.

So far in 2011, Kimberly has been named one of the hottest chicks in hard rock by Revolver Magazine and appears alongside Lita Ford and Joan Jett in Guitar Player Magazine’s twenty most extraordinary female guitarists.

Armed with probably the strongest and most supportive fan base an emerging band can ask for and serious momentum for miles..we predict great things ahead!

Fresh Tracks: Beautiful Freak / Break


Here are 10 Random facts about One-Eyed Doll:

1. Lead singer and guitarist Kimberly Freeman spent time in China before diving into the music scene. She still speaks Chinese fluently.

2. Drummer and producer Junior’s real name is Jason Rufuss Sewell, and Kimberly believes that he is a salamander.

3. Kimberly and Junior have created music for hundreds of movies, video games and TV commercials.

4. They’ve also guest performed on countless artist projects and albums. In fact, as we were making this list, Kimberly recorded background vocals for an upcoming reggae album.

5. Kimberly and Junior love to eat Sushi!!!

6. Junior recorded his first album at age 15 and has been a full time music producer since.

7. Junior plays most instruments, mainly guitar. One-Eyed Doll is the first band that he’s been the drummer in.

8. Kimberly and Junior were keyboardists in the same band nine years apart, in two different states, not knowing one another until later in life.

9. Junior ran for California State Senate in 2001 and almost won!

10. Kimberly volunteered for the Red Cross after 9/11 and helped victims at ground zero.