Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Otherkin is an Indie Rock Band that comes to us from Dublin , Ireland.

Hey Folks….welcome to Ireland (well virtually that is) and boy are you going to love Otherkin !!

3 years ago, I stumbled across Otherkin in my travels while looking for fresh new talent and that was when I first discovered them….and of course they were still developing…so I sat back and watched them do so.

Today, I am elated to finally get a chance to tell you all about Otherkin and why I love them!!

Otherkin delivers a different slant on the whole Indie Rock Genre…I can best describe them as a combination of U2 meets The Strokes which of course are 2 great bands to be compared to.

What I love about Otherkin is their ability to write songs that are completely addicting to listen to…

Otherkin is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today!

– Rob Daily