Outernational – New York City, NY

I was at the La Uprising concert a few months back and I remarked to the people I was with, “Why aren’t there more bands making revolutionary music?”  I mean Rage, Public Enemy and The Clash shaped my worldview.  They made INCREDIBLE music with a message.  Right now we need a revolution in this country.  Corporate greed is running amok while the economy shits the bed, we all toil.  I’m tired of it and we need a soundtrack to this complement this upheaval.  Yes I support the #occupywallstreet movement, I support anything that puts our policy makers on their heels and makes them work to find a solution as to why everyone is hurting right now.  So as I am standing firmly atop my soapbox I hear Outernational.  Riot music for the movement I requested.  Much of their new music was produced by Tom Morello and they have played with everyone from Fishbone to Gogol Bordello.  They make riotous rock music that I am compelled to march too.  Put these guys on, elevate your fist and make your voice heard.  It’s about time somebody grew a set and stood up for the voiceless.  We have become a nation of apathetic wussies and Outernational has arrived to save us from our own demise.  Stand for something people or you will fall for anything.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

– Wurds Smith

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