Pomplamoose – Northern California

I am a huge fan of Bob Lefsetz’ blog.  If none of you are familiar you should read it, http://lefsetz.com/wordpress.  Bob gives you the skinny on all things as they relate to music. (Plus, he is a huge Howard Stern fan as am I).  So I am reading his blog and musings about a band called Pomplamoose and I trust his taste, so I check them out.  These guys play everything INCLUDING the kitchen table.  They are an indie sort of jazzy fusion and they don’t seem like they take themselves too seriously, they play a xylophone on a cover of MJ’s “Beat It” for crying out loud.  I must admit that we are SUPER late to this party….at this point we aren’t helping you discover new music, we are just reporting the goods.  Shout out to Bob Lefsetz for being a great tastemaker and turning me onto something so brilliant…now I return the favor and hope that you, the reader, enjoy this as well.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: See below!

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