Popular Giants – New Music Discovery

Popular Giants – New Music Discovery

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Popular Giants is a band that was initially formed by guitarist Christopher Peacock in 2011 simply as a fun punk project. But by the following year a different sound was taking shape. Christopher was writing and singing most of the songs now that would eventually become “Popular Giants,” the debut album. After recording a demo version of the first five tracks, pro musicians took notice. Soon after, the new Popular Giants was born, now with John Fortin on searing lead guitar, Mike “Choco” Criddell on a heavy, soulful bass, and Miah Palmer on thunderous drums.

The band quickly began working on their first album “Popular Giants,” but they wanted to do it differently, more organically as opposed to the way most bands make records these days: Pro Tools, guitar “modeling,” Autotune, and endless editing for a digitally “perfect” sound. Before all that existed, amazing-sounding albums were recorded in big rooms on two-inch analog tape with the band playing live together. The result was a much more real, fatter sound…balls. The boys recorded “Popular Giants” on a Stevens two-inch analog tape machine from the 1970’s – the actual tape machine Pink Floyd used on “The Wall.” The result is the best possible preservation of the steamroller wall of sound that is Popular Giants playing live.

Play it loud.

– Rob Daily