Power – Detroit, Michigan

My roots run deep in Rock City.  I have a ton of friends from Detroit, (big shout out to Jay Hudson at 89x) as well as a ton of people we do solid business with.  People from the “D” LOVE the “D”.  It’s like that in NYC as well as LA.  I don’t know much about this next band, “Power” except that they are from Detroit. It is tough to put a read on them.  They are poetically programmed and combine subtitles within their serenade that create an alternative presentation mired in pop mayhem.  Yeah, I wrote that so you would have to read it like twice…..just listen to them and you will like them.  If you don’t I am willing to turn in my “Detroit Pass”…and if you really read this you can tell how badly I don’t want to relinquish that.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Tracks: Billy The Kid / Can You Save Me