Pretty Boy Reda

Pretty Boy Reda – Philadelphia, PA

Philly is a great hub for Hip Hop. Having grown up in the ciphers that exist in and around the city the one thing I learned is that Philly WILL make you a better emcee. The streets of Philly will demand lyrics with bravado and melody. I think that is why some of the best have either been birthed or bred in the streets of Philly, (see Meek Millz, STS and don’t sleep on Three Times Dope). With that in mind we present Pretty Boy Reda. There has been an influx of new emcees that have come out this past year. I think that Jay Cole and Big Sean are the best of the bunch and this kid could fit right in that mold. Real lyrics and personality displayed via rhythm. My boy Cosmic Kev in Philly never misses the mark and he co-signs this kid so now I do as well. To all upcoming rappers my advice is to listen to ALL genres of music to pull inspiration from. Secondly, read a ton of books and lastly get your hours in on the streets of your city….if you don’t have one go to Philly. If I were an A&R my next rap signing would be from the City of Brotherly Love……THEM STREETS IS HOTTTTTT!!!

Happy New Year…this year is going to be great people. Email us what you are rocking to this year so we can join you, [email protected]

– Wurds Smith

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