Radical Something – New Music Discovery

Radical Something – New Music Discovery

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Radical Something is an Alt Pop trio that comes to us from Los Angeles, California.

There has been a lot of speculation lately as to what direction alt radio is heading towards. On one hand, the naysayers are firmly taking a stance that the status quo will continue as is with no genre growth. On another hand, those with the ability to see past their nose feel that this is an exciting time for the Alt genre changes and improvements.

During my exhausting search for amazing Unsigned Artists, I am given the opportunity to be able to track the Alt genre and my prediction for same is becoming a reality. In the beginning of 2016, you will hear the shift in the Alt genre. It is in my ever so humble opinion that the Alt genre is going in the direction of left of center with huge Pop choruses that complement the verses that are ever so addicting and relevant.

What I love about Radical Something is how they craft awesome over the top songs that are way ahead of the Alt Radio curve….that success is eminent for them.

I predict big things happening for Radical Something!

Radical Something is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today.

– Rob Daily