Ready Set Go!

Ready Set Go! – Toluca Lake, California

When you think of pop bands most people conjure up images of “boy bands”, like 98 Degrees, Hanson and Backstreet Boys.  The greatest boy band EVER was the Jackson Five, The Osmond’s did their thing and then there’s New Edition and N’Sync, the last two being my personal favorites.  Over the years different incarnations of bands cloaked with the “boy band” moniker have sprung up, hell I would even say that Paramore is a different branch on the boy band tree.  Ready Set Go! is one of these bands 5.0 style, with an adorably strong female front. I think everyone has a guilty pleasure and this type of pop music is mine. I like kids when they are allowed to be kids; when they sing about the topics that kids should be singing about.  RSG do just that as well as play instruments, write songs and sell out shows and just like their predecessors this band has a TV Pilot offer on the table so love it or hate it, they will not be going away …. Yeah it just gets more annoying with talent and cuteness.  These siblings really make me want to kick my Mom and Dad in the shins…I could have been somebody!!!

Fresh Track: Tonight Were Making History


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