The Rebel Light – New Music Discovery

The Rebel Light – New Music Discovery

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, The Rebel Light is an amazing Indie Pop Band that comes to us from Los Angeles, California.

First off…Holy Shit.

Let me set the scene… it is Coachella weekend….the weather outside is incredible and the birds are a chirping.

I am sitting here in Hollywood, California typing away on my laptop and I couldn’t be more excited about writing about The Rebel Light and how much I love them.

A couple months back, while I was listening to my favorite radio program “Locals Only” which is hosted by Kat Corbett on KROQ … I heard this indie retro song (Strangers) by The Rebel Light that immediately caught my attention.

The Rebel Light with their indie retro sound catapulted me back to a time when Pet Sounds (The Whole Album) by The Beach Boys and Monday, Monday by The Mommas and The Papas ruled a generation and yes I am talking about the 60’s.

Buh..buh..buh..buh…buh…buh, I can’t get that damn hook of theirs out of my head.

Like with any song that we get addicted to, we play it over and over and over and over again…and I got to say that I am literally responsible for close to 100 repeats of their song, Strangers on their Soundcloud page…it is that good.

The Rebel Light have been getting a lot of heat lately and it is no wonder since they write songs that are undeniably amazing and packed with hooks for days, spot on vocals and did I say hooks for days?

YOU….need to listen to Strangers by The Rebel Light today so they too can be your new musical addiction…don’t blame me for getting that…Buh…buh…buh…buh…buh…buh hook stuck in your head.

The Rebel Light is Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned!

– Rob Daily