Red Light Sky

Red Light Sky – Los Angeles, CA

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my music.  I go to my standards when I have a craving for a genre.  When I go for punk, rest assured I am reaching for Avail, Face to Face, Strike Anywhere…so on and so forth.  So asking me to substitute one of my aforementioned staples it is always a tough sell.  Red Light Sky is an LA based punk rock outfit that combines what you love about hardcore and pop/punk.  They combine the layered agro backgrounds of my boys in Strike Anywhere and complement it with the melodic breakdowns of Rise Against.  It is accessible while steering clear of the cheese.  Anthemic and catchy is all I ask for and Red Light Sky delivers.  I think I will start by adding this to my iPod for my workouts.  Next time you all see me I will be swoll and tatted with some scars from a mosh pit I created at my gym.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: A Fair Fight


Listen to A Fair Fight or Watch the Video Below!