Royal Teeth

Royal Teeth – New Orleans, LA

More often than not, Royal Teeth tries something, and despite the odds or would-be roadblocks, it simply works. Recruit a lead vocalist who has never been in a band before? Check. Record a cover of a popular, mega-selling single for the band’s debut EP? Why not? High on the release of “Act Naturally”, the vocal duo of Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson provide heartfelt lyrics as this sextet of musicians travels through melodic soundscapes via a synth-infused sound, all the while boasting a brand all to itself that’s not quite “dance pop” and not overly electronic. This is as close as we are getting to a mainstream review of something we like.  Suffice it to say that Royal Teeth are one of our faves….if you are at CMJ make sure that check them out at Arlenes for the BMI showcase Thurs, 10/20…it will be completely worth it.

– Rob Daily

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