Sabrosa Purr

Sabrosa Purr – Los Angeles, CA

If the “Most Interesting Man in the World” were to quarter himself and form two men and two women he would then become Sabrosa.  Yeah this band drinks Dos Equis and does a ton of cool stuff I’m sure.  Probably the coolest band I have come across in forever.  You have often heard me say that a good song is a mood.  It elicits some kind of feeling and you can visualize the music, well maybe it’s just me.  Sabrosa does this for me….they are indie rock of course but indie rock in the same way Janes Addiction was tabbed “indie rock”.  In fact this is who I can reference as the band they most feel like to me.  (As I listen to “Irresistible Force”, from my neighbors band….Janes Addiction).  They are a trippy concoction of music and mood.  You won’t need your medical marijuana card to enjoy these guys.  They rock; they’re true artists and just effin cool.  They’re songs carry weight that once broke another singers jaw when he tried to sing them.  Police pull them over on tour just to talk to them.  They’re sweat smells like cologne.  They once had an awkward moment just to see how it felt.  These are all truisms of Sabrosa….for me, the most interesting BAND in the world.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: The Lovely People / Fashion Kills

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