Seven Days After

Seven Days After – Las Vegas, Nevada

The state of rock music has sucked major butt over the last several years and I know it’s quite easy for all of us to quickly point our fingers at Nickelback and blame them for making this mess..but to be quite honest..rock bands got pretty damn lazy over the years releasing sub-standard music and barely palatable live shows to boot and they thought Joe and Jane America were dumb enough to buy the garbage that they were producing..of course we all know that didn’t happen and the rock genre took an even faster decline in popularity because of this. Seven Days After is a rock band who is also fed up with the state of their genre and they are willing to go “balls to the wall” to do something about by creating solid songs with in your face lyrics and coupling that with a solid live show that pushes beyond the limits of perfection.

2012 is going to be a great year for rock music folks!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Chemical Queen

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