Sirah – Los Angeles, CA

I love Hip Hop Rock Stars, those artists that transcend a genre and just make their mark bigger and badder than everyone else.  I say this because Sirah from Los Angeles is such an artist.  She is an independent Hip Hop artist that beats the shit out of the rhythm with aggression and melody.  She has this Lauryn Hill intelligence and poetic tone while still allowing herself to have fun and genre hop.  I think when people think of “white girl rap” they automatically cut to Kreayshawn and her “White Girl Mob”, but this girl would be running that mob and any other of its kind.  She belts out creativity and originality while maintaining and concise direction for her songs.  She is lyrical, musical and cute to boot.  Sprinkle in some social consciousness, danceability and the absence of her, or anyone in her crew using the “N word” and I think she has the potential to be embraced across genres.  Future fashion maven, present day poet, a voice of the youth and yes….a Hip Hop Rock Star.  Sirah we welcome your arrival….it has been long overdue.

– Wurds Smith

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