STS (Sugar Tongue Slim)

STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) – Atlanta / Philadelphia

Growing up in Philly I was privy to so many different things life has to offer, but three things in particular: Boxing gyms, (there seemed to be one on every corner), hustlers (I remember watching the dudes run the shell game hustle at The Gallery Mall) and Slam Poetry.  STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) was born in Atlanta, uprooted and re-seeded in Philly, STS is fucking nice for lack of a better description.  His metaphors and wordplay are ridiculous, this is an obvious by-product of his days as a poet.  What I first heard from dude was the Alchemist produced track “The Interview”, STS interviews himself in the song.  It is one of the most utterly creative things I have heard since Em did “Stan”.  It is reminiscent of Skillz’, (or Mad Skillz as he was formerly known), or even one of my other favorites Saigon, with the way he casually bounces in and out of his narrative.  STS is creative, funny, intelligent, artistic and relevant.  I know he was born in the A-T-L but he reminds me of what Philly and other East Coast emcees represent in their lyrical nature. He is equal parts boxing, poetry, hustler but ultimately 100% talent and entertainment.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Too many to list!

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