Tayyib Ali

Tayyib Ali – Philadelphia, PA

Philly is nothing short of a hot bed of toughness and talent.  Who else could give the world TastyKakes, the best cheesteaks, great sports franchises and incredible music?  Talent such as Hall and Oates, Jedi Mind Tricks, The Roots, Beanie Sigel, Meek Mill (who recently signed with Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music”), we move forward to welcome Tayyib Ali.  Tayyib is a well thought out emcee who crafts songs you could take long drives up the coast to, not unlike Kanye West.  We are getting increasingly more excited by the Hip Hop we are hearing over here….so who do we have to threaten to hear a Tayyib and J. Cole collaboration?

Tayyib recently performed 2 shows with Wiz Khalifa..also make sure that you check out his new mixtape that drops in April…for more info on that…head to his website!

Fresh Track: Keystone State Of Mind

Link: www.tayyibali.com

Contact: [email protected]