The Box Tiger

The Box Tiger – Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Box Tiger came to me at an opportune time as I just finished watching a Portishead live DVD over the weekend.  The thing that I love about Beth Gibbons vocals from PH is that it’s more of a mood than a vocal performance to me.  I get that a ton from my females in music.  There comes a vulnerability that their male counterparts refuse to allow to shine through.  We men do the same guarded thing in relationships too, that never ends well.  But The Box Tiger creates indie music that is beautiful, thoughtful and progresses effortlessly along the standard structure of a song.  There are no inane breaks or unnecessary meanderings that lose me, which allows me to dig in and focus on the melody and the story in the song.  The vocals are indie cool like a Patti Smith or Kim Gordon, (Sonic Youth), peppered with the life experience of a 20 year old runaway from Dubuque, Iowa on the Sunset Strip, but the story will inevitably ends better for The Box Tiger.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Faceless

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