The Dig

The Dig – New York, NY

My soundtrack for Tuesday is a band based in NY, NY called The Dig.  I used to make fun of my older brother, he was always listening to classic rock and I would just clown the hell out of him.  The thing about classic rock is that the artists understood the song.  They conveyed thought through music and painted a picture and I had to gain a better understanding of music before I understood that.  So brother I apologize for all those days I made you beat the crap out of me.

The Dig is a throwback in that sense.  I can categorize them in many different ways but they are simply stated, solid music created by true musicians.  They have toured with two of my favorite indie slanted acts, The Editors and The Antlers, (whose album Hospice still stays in steady rotation for me).  They’re one of those bands that are primed to breakthrough having been together since they were kids.  I mean if they can tolerate each other for that long we should be able to stomach them for a few years ourselves right?  It is guitar and rhythm based rock that has tinges of garage rock that is elevated by great structure and build.  It’s just cool set to music, I know you want to be cool, let’s go skate some empty pools in the Valley.  Who is with me??????????

– Wurds Smith

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