The Jezabels

The Jezabels – Sydney, Australia

Ok…maybe I am feeling a little sentimental and melancholy today…but I got to tell you I for the life of me can’t stop fricking listening to today’s featured artist, The Jezabels. Part of me feels like I am back in the 80’s watching Top Gun and then another part of me feels like I am in the future floating on a cloud of marshmallows and daydreaming of kittens and little puppies frolicking in the park…weird I know and yes…you are correct…I am a weirdo. But isn’t that what great music does to us? It takes us places…reminds us of the past…predicts the future…becomes one with us…sparks an emotion.

The Jezabels for me is a band that is part yesterday and part tomorrow. Their songs connect almost immediately with the listener and create a soundscape for our daily life rituals.

Epic, airy and huge!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Endless Summer

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