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The Metric System

The Metric System – Charlotte, North Carolina

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday….where did the week go? Is it my imagination…or is life going faster and faster these days? Ever wish you had a button that you could hit that would stop time or you could use it to“dial it back” and that would yourself an opportunity for a “do over” ?. Well…unfortunately…that button doesn’t exist quite yet…so I guess we are all forced to live life on life’s terms….and of course to its fullest…right?!?!?!?!

The Metric System is an Indie/Pop band who serves up an eclectic soundscape of songs that are geared to comfort you like an electric blanket on those cold winter nights to songs that literally slap you in the face…because you deserved it…don’t ask why…you deserved it.

Sarcastically happy songs that make you wanna dance…while crying your face off.

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Wait

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