The So So Glos

The So So Glos – Brooklyn, New York

If you have read any of my ramblings you already know that I am all over the place in my musical tastes.  One thing I can almost guarantee you is that I hate most music, but music being my love, my heart and soul is so dear to me…which is why I am so hard on it.  Every now and then you just have to just temper any critical evaluation and just absorb music.  Take it like the lover that it is, at face value and with no expectations or judgments.  This is how I approached my latest love The So So Glos.  Not that I have to do that with these guys from Brooklyn but the vocals aren’t your run-of-the-mill vocal, kind of a less processed version of The Blakes with a hint of Jack White.  They have that Brooklyn irreverence/cool thing down to a science, like The Clash were re-birthed in Biggies Borough.  The lyrics are occasionally anti-establishment and give it a solid punk, alt feel to the songs, which are well crafted regardless of the topic.  I continue to fall in love with music, it makes me cry, gives me goose bumps and I couldn’t imagine my life without song.  I get the feeling that The So So Glos are the same.  I think that without music these dudes would have been drinking 40’s, kicking in doors and causing mayhem…..I might be wrong but somehow I doubt it.  Music, I love you, The So So Glos, you’re pretty cool too.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Fred Astaire


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