The Weeknd

The Weeknd – Canada

I wasn’t sold on my first listen to The Weeknd a week or so back.  Somebody sent them to me and I, being a fan of old school R&B and Motown kind of turned my nose up to it.  I kept revisiting it while I worked and it started growing on me.  The nuances started popping for me.  The layers came through, the musical references, (Drake meets Enya if you will), the production got interesting although it was seemingly soundscape or ambient initially it became less simplistic with more listens.  It felt like one long make out session to me, hell it made ME feel sexy; like Howard Hewitt did for my drunk neighbors on their stoops when I was a kid.  I started paying attention to the lyrics and while they are the usual topics they grew increasingly more fun to me, they ranged from sweet to raunchy…like a rap group that could sing.  I don’t know what these dudes look like but somehow I think they could sing to my girl and then whoop my ass if I started talking greasy.  Smooth like Smokey or Marvin with the edginess of a Jodeci, these guys present and interesting musical dichotomy.  I encourage anyone that listens to this group not just listen once, listen multiple times and you will see what I am saying.  Nothing can replace my Motown collection but I will certainly add this in with my playlist when I am ready to get grown and sexy with my lady.

– Wurds Smith

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