The Young Evils

The Young Evils – Seattle, WA

Last week my buddy Christian told me about an amazing band from Seattle that I needed to listen to and feature ASAP…and he wasn’t going to accept any excuses from me (too busy, too tired, hungry, dog ate my homework, car broke down, speeding ticket). I am happy to report that I have eliminated all excuses folks…I am typing this feature now with a fever of 101…bronchitis, sinus infection,  lost feeling in my right leg and I feel like I am going to die…and with all that illness going on (no lie)…I gotta tell you folks…I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!

The Young Evils is a hybrid of Folk, Americana, Indie and Pop all melded together to create a really cool, fun and sexy vibe. Their songs are bulletproof (50 cent word) and will stand the test of time (means indie cool with substance and staying power).

Check out their songs below and see for yourself!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: See below!

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