Top 10 Random Facts about The Yellow Team

Daily Unsigned Alumni, The Yellow Team just released their brand new EP “Just Waking Up” last week and we recently had a chance to pick their brain real quick!

Top 10 Random Facts about The Yellow Team

1. Ben is a professional juggler and stilt walker.

2. Danny Devito has a personal grudge against our drummer, Mark. We have proof.

3. The whole band developed an addiction to Bojangles chicken on our last southern tour.

4. Sometimes we have a band movie night. We watch The Blind Side every time.

5. Two band members are Bass Majors in college, but nobody plays bass in the band.

6. Ben was on Nickelodeon’s “Slime Time Live” as a kid.

7. Our name is lightly based off another Nickelodeon game-show “Wild and Crazy Kids”.

8. The love interest in our music video for “It’s Science” is between actors who are actually brother and sister.

9. While recording the “You’re Welcome, World” EP, we listened to only Ke$ha for inspiration.

10. On every tour, we go out of our way to Spartanburg, SC to eat at a local restaurant called Taco Dog.

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