Transparent Things

Transparent Things – Altoona, PA

First off, let me start by saying that I am an uber-critical, hyper-hating, super picky jerk when it comes to female vocalists. Ok…got that off my chest and now I can breathe a little better.

Transparent Things (Krystal Shore) is one of those vocalists that when she sings you truly feel like she is singing to just you. I have played her songs over and over so much in the last couple of weeks that I feel like she and I have  connected on some spiritual level or something….weird I know since I have never met or spoken to her…but then again isn’t that what a great singer and song is supposed to do to you anyway? Songs are meant to take you on a journey and help you escape the present or even be there to celebrate with. Songs mark a moment in time for us…almost like a bookmark… I feel that Transparent Things may just be that bookmark for you. Enjoy!

Fresh Track: Why Do You Think It Is?