Uh Huh Her

Uh Huh Her – Los Angeles, CA

Visually.. I’m struck by this duo, I immediately think Ann and Nancy Wilson but they are more Eurythmics meets Abba than 70’s/80’s icon Heart.  These girls have a power to their songs, especially the textures in the vocals, that create an expansive nature in the song allowing it to blossom perfectly.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these two are launching out of North America, Los Angeles to be exact, usually music this interesting originates overseas….no offense patriots.  More modern references would be a hint of Shiny Toy Guns (insert any females that turns you on when they sing here) but these girls have depth and obviously are aware of their musical history.  I was sold when they referenced Joy Division as an inspiration….for God Sake do some reading all you youthful music fans..JOY DIVISION!!!

The group recently released their brand new EP entitled Black And Blue on iTunes which topped the Electronic Chart at #1.

Make sure you head over to Rollingstone.com and check out the video for their title track “Black And Blue” here:

You can purchase the EP Digitally on iTunes by going here!

Fresh Track: Black and Blue

Link: http://www.facebook.com/uhhuhher