V For Volume

V for Volume – Bogotá (Distrito Capital), Colombia

V for Volume is a female fronted 5 piece Alt Rock band hailing from Latin America. There are only so many vocal references one can make when describing a female singer.  Let’s just say that for some reason I think of that band from the 80’s, I think they were called Nena and they had a song called “99 Red Balloons”.  I don’t remember the song like I remember my path to work but I remember the song feeling like something.  That’s what these songs from V for Volume are like.  They feel like revolution, they taste like life; there is just a believability that permeates the songs.  I like the fact that Maria Jose Camargo sings in her second language, English.  I like the fact that their music is eerily reminiscent of the cacophony of noise that we fell in love with in the Reagan era.  I also like the fact that they have been chosen by MTV as one of Top 10 Bands of 2010 and I REALLY like the fact that Placebo requested them as an opening band.  Get your Google Translator ready, Esta banda hace música que se traduce en cualquier idioma.  We have a tendency to gravitate towards easy to follow melodies; melodies that resonate and hang with you long after you leave them.  That’s what V for Volume brings us….that feeling that is almost as good as the feeling your female barista leaves you with, only they don’t serve it in a cup….that would just be gross.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Bruce Lee

Link: http://www.facebook.com/vforvolume

Check out the below video of “Bruce Lee”