Waiting For Brantley

Waiting For Brantley – Laurel, Mississippi

What makes a perfect song so perfect? For me.. I need to be emotionally connected to the song, it needs to speak to me and it needs to grab me by the hand and take me on a journey…I don’t care where the journey leads me..all I know is I want to feel something. Perfect songs to me instantly become a part of you…your soul…your being…your life…and they stay with you forever..kinda like your best friend.

I have been a fan of Waiting For Brantley for close to a year now and felt that today would be a perfect day to share them with all of you. These guys write songs that truly connect with the listener with their emotionally charged and relatable lyrics that are fused with epic vocals and musicianship.

Please take a listen to them and leave a comment and let us know what you think!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Call Her Friends

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