Watch For Horses

Watch For Horses

Today’s New Music Discovery, Watch For Horses is an Alternative Rock Band who hails from Norwalk, California.

Lately, I have been on the hunt looking for another amazing band to feature on Daily Unsigned and when I discovered… Watch For Horses…I knew that I had something special right in front of me.

Now before you bust my cajones… let’s talk about why I love…Watch For Horses .

As most of us already know, Alt Radio has been churning out crap after crap bands that basically all sound the same….and this dilemma pains me so.

Watch For Horses delivers songs that are packed with solid bass lines, impeccable vocals and nice and sticky hooks that have relatable lyrics.

If you have an appetite for new music, Watch For Horses serves up a true audible experience.

– Rob Daily

Watch For Horses is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today!

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