What you need to do to win

There are less spots at the top more than ever in rock music today.  The example that
Hip Hop kids are setting is admirable and should be mentioned.

Here is a quick breakdown of what they are doing that rock bands and anyone
who wants to succeed in music should be doing.  If you aren’t doing these
things than get the fuck out of the game and make room for somebody who
wants to win….you are a hobbyist.

On a weekly basis you should be doing:

Creating video content:
This can include quick slice of life videos as well as something a little
more cleverly edited.  Excuses will not be heard…..everyone knows somebody
with Final Cut or iMovie that can edit something…if not you can learn.
There are also an endless amount of kids in Art School looking for real
world experience.
Music videos, again the same concept can be used to edit a music video
Lyric videos.
Putting your music to other peoples videos.
Cover songs on YouTube.
Online chats that include an acoustic performance.

Grassroots promotions:
Slinging your music in malls, venues and hot spots EVERY WEEK along with a
flyer.  Ask a local company to partner with you…they pay for the flyer you
will put a coupon for their establishment on one side and you can put your
propaganda on the other side…..free flyer….they get promotions.

Write everyday but create 2 songs per week.  If we learn nothing from Hip
Hop we need to learn that they create content in visuals and music.
Seek out other songwriters in your area if your songs don’t sound the way
you want them to sound.  And please stop with the shitty recordings…care
about your art.  Record them properly!!!!

Reach out to other bands in your area that are similar and promote together,
perform together…book a tour together.
Find out what tours/shows are coming through your market; find out who you
need to talk to at the venue and endear yourself to them.  I don’t care if
you have to offer to clean the urinals after you perform…how bad do you
want it?????
Pay to play, take whatever gig you can and you promote it anyway humanly
possible.  Every show could be your last…..build your legend.

Build your team:
I don’t want to hear that nobody will help you.  Don’t be a loser…some of
these rappers have garbage music but can get everyone and their mother to
promote their cause….do the same.  Nobody will care if you don’t.

Hustle Merch:
Find out what you can afford, create the merch, adjust the price and sell
it, to ANYONE.  Go door to door if you have to.  Take the profit re-up and
do another run.  Re-up and do more…bank what you have and start saving to

Information is power:
I cannot tell you how many times I get hit up by rappers who I have blown
off.  They are tenacious but also want to understand how they can better
their hustle….they desire feedback, they pay for answers.  Chris Lighty is
touchable to these guys…because they don’t take no for an answer.  They
leave music where tastemakers eat.  They find out who cleans their
laundry..they put their demo in their suit.  They wait at radio stations
where they know Kanye is coming…not knowing a time.  These cats wait from
morning show till drive time out in front. just in the HOPES of getting him
their demo or rapping for them.  Would you – you primadonna? … would you
sacrifice food, water and a bathroom for your dream? Big Sean did…and he met
Kanye because of it.  Now he is famous and rich.  Would a rocker do that?
NOPE!!! Too proud..too cool…too comfortable.

Lastly remember, this is YOUR dream, nobody else’s.   Act accordingly and go
for it.  Do you think Madonna was an overnight sensation?  Read her story
see how fucking bad she wanted it.  You think that Papa Roach was made by
someone?  Learn your history…they busted their ass and wanted this more
than air.  If you aren’t willing to do these things for your art then get
out of the way….you are a hobbyist.


Daily Unsigned