Why does my Music Career Suck?!?!?!


Over the last 3 years I have been posting in my opinion the best possible artist advice on Daily Unsigned and have received tens of thousands of comments in the process. Comments that either rave about the advice given or those that completely bash the subject matter…both of which I love getting.

The advice that I give is the honest truth and unfortunately at times it hurts and painfully so. The advice given is what your Parents, Friends, Managers, Agents and even Attorneys won’t tell you because they are all afraid of controversy, getting fired, hurting your feelings…you name it.

I use my voice and platform to help you improve your music career and believe it or not, I actually do give a shit about all of you out there. The formula for success hasn’t changed in over 50+ years and the more you go against the formula…the more you will struggle in your career stagnation.

Enough ranting here, let’s get to the topic of today’s advice.

When it comes to starting out as a band or solo project, you need to sit back and determine exactly what kind of genre of music that you would like to attach yourself to: (Pop, Active Rock, Modern Rock, Folk…you name it). Once that is complete, start writing songs everyday (Intro, First Verse and Chorus) and write 1-3 of these ditties every week. Start listening to music outside of your genre (hit songs) and compare them to your songs. Are your songs prolific? Are you hearing the 1-5-6-4 chord progression in the songs that you are listening to?

I recommend that you go back 30 years and listen to the Top 10 hit songs as reported by Billboard Magazine. It doesn’t matter what the genre is….the formula is the same.

The most important thing that you can do is writing the best possible songs that you can do. Invest all of your time in writing…writing….writing. Social media, touring, shows, branding and imaging do not mean shit until you have the songs ready to go. The A&R community actually doesn’t care about those things, in fact they are often times used as an excuse to not sign you. But if you had a “hit song(s)” the labels will chase you down.

Once the songs are complete, start doing some local shows…work on your social media, branding , imaging and etc.
Don’t start taking hostages (family, friends and fans) and force them to listen to songs that aren’t at all ready and in-fact could ruin your career.

At the end of the day, don’t put people in a position where they have to lie to your face.

Rob Daily