Wolfgang – Hermosillo, Mexico

Last week in my internet travels searching for bands to feature on Daily Unsigned…I came across Mexico “Boy – Band” Wolfgang. Rob did you just say “Boy-Band”? Really? Wait…before you cast musical judgment on me..let me explain real quick as to why Wolfgang has been chosen as a Daily Fresh Pick. First, forget everything you know or have heard about “Boy-Bands” from the past. In 2012 and moving forward expect to see a new incarnation of “Boy-Bands” moving forward…I would like to call them BB-5.0 (scientific like I know). What makes the 5.0 Version so much more attractive is that you still have the great looking guys, dance moves, Pop Songs…but….what you also get is these guys are solid musicians at the end of the day and play their instruments live during their shows. Forget about the days of shows being heavily dependent on only lip synching to backing tracks and professional dance moves. Don’t get wrong here..I do love ‘NSYNC and Backstreet Boys…but it is 2012 now and 5.0 is poised to take over soon.

Wolfgang is the whole “5.0” package and they have mad talent and amazing songs to back it up. Mark my words folks….this will not be the last time you hear about Wolfgang..I predict huge things for them soon!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Too Many To List

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