Work Ethic as a Signed Artist

Work Ethic as a Signed Artist

Ok…I need to need vent real quick….this has been on my mind for months now…and everyday it sits there….the more irritated I am finding myself getting.

So, here you are hopefully…and I mean hopefully…busting your asses to get your band to the next level of your career path….promoting, writing songs, practicing hard, promoting, writing songs (rinse lather repeat) all that grunt work stuff you can think of. Then one day…you get some record label interest…and then that record label interest turns into your band actually getting signed…cool huh???

Think again. If you are like any other band out there….you probably think that you can now just sit back and let the record label, management team, agent and publicist do all of the work for you now. Think again. As hard as it was for you to get a record deal, now you have to work even harder to prove to them that you are worthy of keeping that deal. Your work ethic must be even stronger now…your business mind must be even sharper now…your music relationships need to be more solid now…your connections with your fan base needs to be perfect. This is not the time to sit back and let everyone else do the work for you. If you were my client and you pulled the “I am too cool for school” attitude, we would be done ASAP. There are way too many bands out there just as good as you are and some even better with much stronger work ethics and business savvy.

No one in this industry is in a position to act like they are better than the next person. The personal and business relationships we make today are meant to last a lifetime. It is extremely important that you remember that the same people you meet on your way up…will still be there when your career comes crashing down. If you treated those people like shit on your way up trust that those people will remember.

As a signed band, you owe it to those unsigned bands behind you to act professional…be mentors and role models. Treat the people you come in contact with on a daily basis with the utmost respect…I don’t care who they are….treat your fans better than you treat yourself…they are the reason why you are where you are in your career….continue to bust your ass on a daily basis….if you can’t do that…you truly don’t deserve to be in a signed band….pack up your shit and go home.

Always remember this…Thank you goes a very long way in this industry!

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better now!

– Rob Daily