Your Favorite Trainwreck

Your Favorite Trainwreck – Los Angeles, CA

In the mid 90’s I really hit my punk rock stride.  I mean I was digging into the older stuff as well as the newer stuff.  My tastes were more so fast, angry and loud.  Face to Face, Propaghandi (Today’s Empire Tomorrows Ashes is still one of the greatest Punk records in the history of music)and Ten Foot Pole stayed in rotation for me.  I deviated a bit and started digesting some Bad Religion and the more melodic stuff in punk.  At the same time, this kid I grew up with who would go on to play drums for Ten Foot Pole, turned me onto Farside and Gameface.  Both were from LA and I was an East Coast punk fanatic….but I loved them immediately.  They were playing music with an edge that had melody, I fucking loved it. Years later that same kid and I would attend Farside’s and Gameface’s last shows at Chain Reaction in the OC.  From that situation I became friends with Popeye from Farside.  He hipped me to a band he was forming with Jeff from Gameface called Your Favorite Trainwreck.  Holy shit, my inner dream band alarm started hyper ventilating.  As individuals, the players from YFT created timeless music in the 90’s and some people paid attention… they are together.  My point is that we owe them more.  Check them out and realize that these dudes are equal parts talent, melody, political statement and entertainment.  It fuses rockabilly at points, punk ethos and pure rock.  They understand songwriting as a craft and they use their punk roots to get everything done DIY. Go back and check out Farside as well as Gameface but make sure you support DIY rock and Your Favorite Trainwreck.

– Wurds  Smith

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Fresh Track: The Brillance